Monday, April 15, 2013

New Bent Casio MT-35



Some things are in keyboard operate predictably, like the tempo, volume and accompany volume sliders. All of those are still in tact, but the tempo knob has surprises. It does increase tempo but I've also altered the circuit so that the tempo knob seems to work in overdrive, and it also has an interesting and chaotic bit crushing effect, and it's bit rate and resolution is effected as the tempo knob goes up and down. Choosing your instruments can get wonky in a lot of the modes (toggle position combinations), and so can playing the actual keys. In some of the modes, mashing certain keys can give you some cool buzzes and clicks and blips. Holding the keys down where all of the toggles are down, and then flipping one or more of the toggles can sometimes carry but alter) the keys you are still holding down. This doesn't necessarily happen if you switch toggles from off to on and then hold down keys. Yea, circuit-bending really scrambles the brains of electronics.

The basic reason that this thing rocks is because of the way it scrambles and glitches the rhythms and demos. That may not sound like loads of fun but you're wrong. The possibilities are endless. Especially when you get flickin with the toggles and utilize mode combinations. Some of the rhythms, especially when the tempo knob is down, are really weird and syncopated funny. Plus! Running this keyboard through effects pedals is fun. Some delay, especially reverse delay, or pitch shifting, especially paired with a distortion pedal to blow out the more quiet frequencies, and looping pieces of the glitched jams, etc. is all going to turn you into some sort of space wizard. I'm SURE of it. Also, you can use this keyboard normally when all of the added toggle switches are down/off.

P.S. Super creepy, epically gorgeous ceramic kitten not included!

P.S.S. Power supply not included! However it's a standard DC 7.5 volt power supply that is needed. Well, that's not such a standard power supply like the 9v, but you can still find these. The coolest thing to do is search for a cheap multi-voltage, multi-plug power supply. Then you can use it for this keyboard and a zillion other things. You can never have enough of those. But as far as buying one, they are available on the internet. Just search for the regular power supply that comes with a regular Casio MT-35 and a bunch of other Casio keyboards out there. You'll find one easy. It also works on 4 AA batteries, also not included. However, because of the bends, a dying battery or two will cause the sounds to change slightly...which is actually really cool, and can give you some really awesome effects.

P.P.P.P.P.S.S. I am available for commissioned work! Send me your little cheapo keyboard and I'll give it a good ol' dose of electronic drugs for ya. Contact me.