Thursday, January 19, 2012

Squeaky Clean

This is one of the nicest modifications I've ever done. Mainly because it's a fairly dynamic instrument. The entire extension is built off of the regeneration control in the (originally DOD Stereo Phaser) pedal. Therefore, when the Regen knob is turned down, the device gets quieter and less sensitive to the controls. In fact, anything below about 3 o'clock becomes inaudible. I thought about installing a different voltage pot for more dynamic range but... I am not that good at this stuff and I didn't feel like it. The speed knob works as it should. The toggle on the bottom right switches off the cycle so that the speed knob doesn't do anything. The sound clip is half pure-pedal, with no input, and the second half is an octave down, lots of distortion and a little delay.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Just a simple "shaker box." The contact mic is permanently mounted to the top of a tin in which you can open to use separately, or to put whatever you want inside. The soundclip is with no effects, and then with a ton of distortion. You can plug this into anything that will take a quarter inch jack (i.e. guitar pedals, mixers, amps, etc.).


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Orange Shit Ball

This was a Boss DS-1 I bent a while back but then I busted one of the toggle switches and stopped using it. I'm glad I did, because the position in which the toggle was in when it got busted was what really made this pedal awesome.

The sound clip is of the pedal in a mixer feedback loop. I am messing with the EQ on the mixer as well as the knobs and the one toggle on the pedal. It does some crazy super high pitch soaring frequencies as well as crunchy and glitchy madness. Pretty harsh and all over the place.

I am selling this one cheap because there is a broken toggle switch on the right of the pedal that does not work. I pried out the knob on it so it's not in your way. It was also heavily used by me for a while, so that's another reason to sell it cheap.

The sound clip is awesome, though, so don't judge it by it's looks or wear and tear.



Just finished this little gem. Works fine in and outside a feedback loop. It sounds best and has more range in a loop, however. I strongly suggest this pedal be used in a feedback loop with a strong and manipulatable single such as a headphone feedback loop in a mixer so that you can control the headphone level as well as the EQ on the mixer channel. Run in a loop with an EQ pedal is fine, too. The reason I suggest having it in a loop with an EQ is because you can get a lot more out of this pedal working with sending it high frequencies from the EQ, and minimal amounts of signal using the volume of the EQ pedal (or the headphones level on a mixer). Otherwise, running low frequencies and super hot signals will produce not much more than uninteresting clicks.

The first of the sound clip is just the pedal on it's own. No feedback loop and just a dead cord plugged into the input. The second portion is the pedal in a feedback loop using a mixer. I am manipulating the two toggle switches as well as the added potentiometer along with the headphone output level and the EQ in the channel the pedal is running into.

If used how I have instructed, you can get a huge variety of harsh sounds out of the pedal. There are some nice sweet spots with the pot that you can find, too. The pots the pedal came with also work. The overdrive level knob will do all sorts of things. The volume knob works as a volume but also feeds the circuit more signal as you turn it up which will increase the pitch of squeals and make the pedal act crazier the higher it is.